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Willow is a professional jazz performer, and uses her musical background to make training sessions more fun and relaxing, while teaching professional and personal development skills. She has experience coaching private one-to-one clients as well as in a corporate group setting. Her workshops focus on social skills, team-building, leadership, confidence, and presentation skills through singing. Willow's workshops are short (1h - 4h), can be organised as just one or a package of sessions, and will be personalised to the students' needs and ability.


The classes can be music focused and prepare a performance, e.g.:

• One set of popular Christmas songs arranged and harmonised specifically for the choir to perform at a seasonal event;

• A few well-known songs to explore deeper and practice performing to a high musical standard;

• One song prepared as a flash-mob performance with or without a specific occasion in mind;


or more focused on the skills training, only using music for the session, but with no intent to perform, e.g.:

• Leadership through conducting;

• Presentation skills through lyrics readings and public discussion;

• Body-language, confidence and overcoming stage fright through songs with humour.

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